About Jeffrey:

Jeffrey Churchill was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1957. As a child, he read books, magazines, newspapers - everything he could get his hands on.

He became fascinated by art, artists and authors, and particularly things with a dharmic influence. The natural order of things are very important to him and are reflected in his work.

He owns an amazing collection of 50,000 hand-chosen books, which are carefully stored in wooden wine crates in upstate New York.


The Bridge:

Spoken and written language are specific recognizable, identifiable groups French/Swahili/English/Mandarin/Turkish/Polish-- take your pick--While the language of art is universal and prone to interpretation

Jeffrey Churchills art bridges the gaps between the demographic groups around the entire world and provides his message of dharmic balance

Cajun art to eskimo art and everything in between is addressed by the artist

He is a self addressed “Book Guy” and has amassed a private collection of over 50,000 hand picked books which must EARN a spot on his shelves

Whether totally focused or broad brush

He is reaching out--------------waiting for you to reach back